Bachmann starts to dole out PAC money to state republicans

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is using funds from her political action committee, MICHELE PAC to support republican Congressional candidates in Minnesota to the tune of $1000 each.

Her PAC money recipients are as follows:

Randy Demmer in the 1st Congressional District, challenging incumbent Rep.Tim Walz (DFL)

Teresa Collett in the 4th Congressional District, challenging incumbent Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL)

Joel Demos in the 5th Congressional District, challenging incument Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL)

Lee Byberg of the 7th Congressional District, challenging incumbent Rep. Collin Peterson (DFL)

Chip Cravaack in the 8th Congressional District, challenging incumbent Rep. Jim Oberstar (DFL)

A press release from her PAC says the money aims to “end the reign of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.”

It’s the first contribution this election cycle from her PAC.

Bachmann has also thrown a grand from her campaign account at each of the five candidates.

Last week during a chat with media on her bus tour, Bachmann spoke about the goals of her PAC:

I’m hoping to be able to help a few candidates out with funds. It’s all about trying to bring in like voices, constitutional conservatives who want to roll back spending, tax increases, and create more of a job friendly environment.

Bachmann said she wanted to model her PAC on Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund. DeMint has defied the Republican establishment by supporting more conservative candidates, like Tea Party candidate Ken Buck in Colorado.

However, all the candidates Bachmann’s supporting with the PAC money so far are GOP-endorsed, according to her PAC.

In other Bachmann news, Bachmann spokesman Sergio Gor says an updated campaign ad was sent to TV stations this morning.

Bachmann’s latest ad, released yesterday, had drawn criticism from the Minnesota State Fair. Officials there said the ad used the Fair logo without their permission. Bachmann’s camp agreed to swap the logo out.

I haven’t found the new ad online yet.

  • Jamie

    You don’t swap OUT anything. You simply SWAP it. Don’t you guys have editors? I know it’s popular usage to say “swap out the logo,” “sear off the beef,” “change out the battery.” But it’s not correct usage. It’s superfluous to add out, off, up, etc. Those verbs (swap, change, sear, etc.) work very well all by themselves. Adding another syllable to your sentence isn’t going to make you sound any smarter.

  • Zabazoom

    They can have the money if they swear she’s not nut’s.