3M, 16 others business gave to MN Forward since the Primary

3M gave $100,000 to MN Forward, a coalition of Minnesota busineses aimed at electing business friendly candidates. The groups latest campaign finance report shows 3M was one of 17 businesses that gave to the group.

MN Forward reports raising $1.358 million since the start of the year. The group spent $856,449. The group reports spending $300k on ads criticizing Democrat Mark Dayton and $348k on ads in support of Republican Tom Emmer.

You can read the full report here.

  • Thanks for providing the link to the disclosure filing.

    I note that The Torrence Group was paid $ 37,794.64 for polling … any idea what the poll data showed ?

    Also, this is the first that I have seen how much has been donated to the various candidates for state legislator :

    $4,934.40 Terri Banoff

    $8,510.08 Doug Magnus

    $5,379.20 James Metzen

    $1,892.48 Gene Pawlowski

    $7,292.96 Doug Wardlow

    $3,372.74 Kurt Zeller

    Plus, I like the way that TCF Bank hides its donation by giving $100,000 to an entity called State Fund Economic Growth … which then gives it to MNForward … why would they do that ?

  • So, $640,000 or so for wall-to-wall TV ads assisting the Republican governor’s race candidate and bashing the Democratic candidate, versus $20K for a few lit drops for a few state legislators.

    Yeah, the 32-to-1 ratio is really “bipartisan”. And that’s before we look at the ancillary spending.

    Looks like MN Forward = Tom Emmer’s media shop.