Who’s in line to be MN House Majority Leader?

There are several DFL members of the Minnesota House who are working to help their colleagues get reelected this year. Some of those candidates are also looking at becoming the second in command of the Minnesota House.

DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher is retiring this year. That means current House Majority Leader Tony Sertich will likely take the House’s top spot if Democrats regain the majority. That leaves a vacancy for House Majority Leader.

Several names have popped up. They include Joe Atkins from Inver Grove Heights, Melissa Hortman from Brooklyn Park, Erin Murphy from St. Paul and Steve Simon of St. Louis Park.

All four candidates told me they’re interested in the position but are more worried about regaining control of the House.

If the House GOP picks up 21 seats, they’ll regain the majority. GOP House Minority Leader Kurt Zellers will be elected Speaker. House GOP spokesman Kevin Watterson says he hasn’t heard of anyone talking about the Majority Leader position in the GOP caucus.

  • I think you mean *retain* control, rather than *regain*, Tom, since as we know, the DFL currently holds a pretty huge majority in the House.

  • Oliver Steinberg

    If the State Fair is a good place to get a “feel” for the way the election is shaping up, then the DFL is in trouble. Maybe more trouble than in the last forty years—which is as long as Minnesota has had party-label legislators in modern times. (For much of the 20th century, legislators were elected without party labels.) The DFL booth looks dispirited and deserted. The Republican booth is buzzing with energy. It’s the year of the Lemmings.