The Daily Digest

The candidates for governor will participate in a forum at St. Thomas University this morning.

Tom Horner, the Independence Party candidate for governor, released a budget plan that increases cigarette taxes, alcohol taxes, extends the sales tax to clothing and some services and expands gambling. He also wants to cut business taxes and spending (ethanol, hiring freezes and state mandates). You can watch Horner’s budget announcement and his full budget plan here.

SEIU will officially back Democrat Mark Dayton’s bid for governor this morning.

WCCO fact checks Emmer’s comments on Arizona’s immigration law and federalism.

Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann goes after Democrat Tarry Clark in her first ad. The campaign is dubbing Clark “Taxin’ Tarryl.”

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is going to do a bus tour of the district this week.

MPR takes a look at the political make up of the 6th District.

The League of Conservation Voters has Bachmann on its “Dirty Dozen” list. The list “takes aim at members of Congress who support policies harmful to the environment.”

Under the Dome

URS, an engineering firm, has settled its role in the I35W bridge collapse for a cost of $52.4 million.

The Metro Transit union rejected contract offer.

GAMC hits a new snag.

A September trial date is scheduled for a challenge that the Minnesota Supreme Court justice slot should be put on this year’s ballot.


The health sector raises concerns over the health care reform law at a seminar in Minnesota.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar says the state is well positioned to apply for grants from the health care reform law.

A federal judge rules the NIH can’t fund embryonic stem cell research.

The FDA Commissioner says her agency needs more authority. She made the comments after the egg recall.

The Fed was split on efforts to bolster the economy.

AIG pays back $4 billion in bailout funds.

The FCC Chair will be a featured speaker at a broadband summit hosted by Klobuchar.

DFL Sen. Al Franken hired a news press secretary.

He also talked senior services in Slayton.

He’s also scheduled to stop in Brainerd, Wadena and Camp Ripley.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz visited Houston.

GOP Rep. John Kline would gain in stature if the GOP retakes the House.

Kline also criticized the billions in jobless aid going to teachers.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen attended a town hall focusing on Liberian issues.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says the Cap and Trade deal is dead in Congress but not at the EPA.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty’s book will be released in January.

First Lady Mary Pawlenty hit the road (New Hampshire) on behalf of her husband.

Mitt Romney has visited 25 states during the midterm.

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