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Tom Emmer leads the Digest today. The Republican candidate for governor is going to get some financial help tonight after Gov. Tim Pawlenty and GOP members of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation hold a private fundraiser for him.

He’ll need the money considering he started running $300k worth of TV ads (watch it here).

While Emmer’s ad is focusing on his family and the economy, he spent Sunday morning explaining his lack of a budget plan, his thoughts on immigration and the issue of federalism to WCCO’s Sunday Morning.

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner will announce his budget plan today. The Pi Press says the issue has taken center stage in the governor’s race.

Horner released his first TV ad on Friday.

Emmer, Horner and Democrat Mark Dayton will meet in three forums/debates this week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Meanwhile, the DFL formally endorsed Democrat Mark Dayton’s bid for governor.

2010 Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is raising money for other Republicans.

2010 Other

A federal judge is mulling the future of the state’s disclosure law. Two conservative groups are suing because they feel the state is overstepping its bounds.

The RNC closes July with just $5 million on hand.

Under the Dome

A hearing is scheduled for today in the Asian Carp lawsuit.

Several groups are urging Gov. Pawlenty to take the federal Medicaid money.

Gov. Pawlenty signs a loan to the Mesabi nugget plant.


President Obama’s approval rating now matches former President Ronald Reagan’s low mark.

As the combat mission in Iraq ends, MinnPost asks the delegation to discuss the costs of war.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar has a broadband summit scheduled for today tomorrow at the U of M. Klobuchar has a conference this afternoon to talk about the health care reform law.

DFL Sen. Al Franken spent part of Friday seeking industry input on improving the medical device approval process.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says the stimulus created thousands of road jobs.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

The Star Tribune says Gov. Pawlenty is running to the right but wonders if his focus will be on social conservative Iowa or fiscally conservative New Hampshire.

The Medicaid money puts Pawlenty and other GOP governors eyeing 2012 in the hot seat.

  • I thought Esme Murphy’s interview questions were standard DFL talking points stuff: they told me nothing. They were straight from the DFL’s talking points.

    How about original questions that actually brought out new information about the candidate? It’s just a thought.

  • Chris

    “Where’s your budget plan?” was a GOP talking point Emmer pushed pretty aggressively all the way back in the ancient days of 2009.

    If Emmer doesn’t want to be asked the same questions, he should answer them.