The Daily Digest

Democrat Mark Dayton and IP candidate will debate the issues at the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities conference today. Republican Tom Emmer can’t attend because of a scheduling conflict.

Horner will release his budget plan and TV ads next week.

WCCO fact checks Dayton’s 4-day school week claim.

A new political group with ties to A Stronger America-Minnesota, has popped up in Minnesota.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Tim Walz and Republican Randy Demmer start the horse trading on the number of debates they should have.

Democrats and Emily’s List want GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and other Republicans to apologize for a video put on a Senate District 56 GOP video.

Emily’s List is also talking up Bachmann’s opponent, Democrat Tarryl Clark.

Democrat Jim Meffert wants stimulus money used to retrofit schools.

Under the Dome

Duluth nurses reject a contract offer and ok a one-day strike.

Gov. Pawlenty rejected $1 million in federal health care money.

A MnDOT official says Rochester will get high-speed rail eventually.

A transit study gets the ok from the Gateway Corridor Commission.


The last U.S. combat team is leaving Iraq. Roughly fifty thousand military trainers will stay in the country.

President Obama campaigns for Democrats in a few swing states.

He also said the economy is slowly coming back.

His comments come at a time when a poll says Obama gets his lowest marks when it comes to handling the economy.

GM is planning a stock sale a year after declaring bankruptcy.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins the Military Families Caucus.

Minneapolis Police are investigating a shot at DFL Sen. Al Franken’s Minneapolis home.

Franken will hold a meeting on internet issues tonight in Minneapolis. Two FCC chairs will also attend.

Franken also raised money for the Democratic candidate for governor in Illinois and will raise money for an Ohio Senate candidate on Saturday.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison talks about why the proposed mosque should not be moved in NYC with Time. He also talked other issues dealing with his faith. Ellison is a Muslim.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson wants to set aside a huge area of land to offset Fargo/Moorhead flooding.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Politico says Gov. Pawlenty is following Mitt Romney’s lead when it comes to campaign fundraising. The key step is state PACs.

The Iowa Republican says Pawlenty has a shot at winning the state.

Romney isn’t making a stop at the Iowa State Fair this year.

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