Senate Republicans hire Golnik to help with campaign

The Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus has hired political consultant Ben Golnik to help with the caucus election efforts. The move comes two days after Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor hired Culleen Sheehan, Chief of Staff to the MN Senate Republican Caucus. The move created a campaign void within the Caucus. Golnik will help fill that void. He’ll be hired as a consultant through his firm, Golnik Strategies.

Golnik most recently advised Republican Marty Seifert’s failed campaign for governor. He also served as Regional Director for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, worked for the House GOP in the 2008 cycle and served as MNGOP executive director between 2005 and 2007.

It will be no easy task for Republicans to take the Senate. Senate Democrats currently have a veto proof majority in that body but operatives in both parties say it’s likely DFLers will lose seats in 2010. They say GOP excitement in this election and DFL retirements make it a strong possibility.

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