SEIU officially backs Dayton

The Service Employees International Union of Minnesota has officially supported Democrat Mark Dayton’s bid for governor. The thirty thousand member union announced the endorsement today at a news conference at the State Capitol. SEIU’s Javier Morillo Alicea says several of Minnesota’s businesses have donated to a political committee that’s backing Emmer. He says SEIU is supporting Dayton because he wants to increase taxes on Minnesota’s top earners.

“The CEOs and corporations have made their choice here. With the recent Supreme Court decision, they’re allowed to spend unlimited amounts. So they’re making their choice and so today is about us making our choice because there’s only one candidate who is going to make the wealthiest in the state, who can afford it, pay their fair share.”

SEIU is the final union to officially get behind Dayton’s campaign. The union’s leadership decided to not endorse a candidate until after the DFL primary so the union had money to spend in this year’s general election. SEIU officials declined to say how much they’ll spend on Dayton’s behalf but finance reports show the union gave $60,000 through July 21st to the DFL Party and a group working to elect Dayton.

Meanwhile, former State Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm announced that he was supporting Independence Party candidate Tom Horner.

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