Polinaut to become “Capitol View”

We’re changing the name of this blog.

Later today, Polinaut becomes Capitol View. The focus, tone and pace of the blog stays the same.

Why the name change? We simply want to more clearly reflect the blog’s purpose — that is, a real-time guide to what’s happening in St. Paul and Washington, D.C. (We’ll soon have a reporter based in Washington.)

Polinaut launched in December 2005, MPR News’ first blog, which aimed to “sail” the universe of politics. It was written by Bob Collins, who now writes the News Cut blog for MPR News. Today it’s written by the political reporting team.

If you’re a regular reader, don’t adjust any settings: The name change to Capitol View won’t affect how you follow or find the blog.

  • Chris

    I’m glad you’re going to have a DC reporter, although a little surprised since I thought media outlets were cutting back everywhere.

    Have you decided who’s getting the job? What kind of access does being in DC give you that you wouldn’t have back home?

    Thanks again to everyone who puts the time and effort in to make this blog work.

  • http://northstarliberty.blogspot.com Matt Abe

    Happy to hear about the developments, except for the name change. The new name is about as generic as Bob Collins is unique. Yet I am sure that the blog, by any other name, will continue to be an essential one for Minnesota political news. Keep up the good work.

  • http://s4xton.com/ Aaron Landry

    You could call Marketplace Capital View and make a big two-hour show out of it.

  • Mike Mulcahy

    Chris, we’re still taking applications for the D.C. job. We’re glad people have supported MPR enough so we can add this position.

    Around MPR we’ve been talking about such a position for years (decades, actually) so the fact that it’s finally going to happen is very exciting.

    The idea is that a D.C. reporter would cover our delegation and give us a Minnesota perspective on national issues. There’s certainly no desire (or reason really) to try to duplicate what NPR is already providing for us.

    And Aaron, you never know who’s reading this. Please don’t give anyone any ideas!

  • peter hill

    The capitol reporter is a nice step up for you. Congratulations. I gotta go with Matt on the name change, though. If you were aiming for dull and generic, you hit the bulls-eye.