Pawlenty appoints Nash

Governor Pawlenty appointed Major General Richard Nash to be the 30th Adjustant General of the Minnesota National Guard. Nash will success Major General Larry Shellito, who will leave his post on October 31st. Nash currently commenta 34th Infantry “Red Bull” Division, which served in Iraq. He praised Shellito for making the Minnesota National Guard one of the finest in the nation and said his biggest challenge will be the prospects of state and federal budget cuts…

“There will be challenges with restrained budgets as we go forward but certainly my vision is that we’ll maintain a ready force here in Minnesota to respond to and react to any homeland defense/homeland security community events and still have a ready force prepared for any national service.”

The Adjutant General is the administrative head of the Minnesota Department of Military Affrairs and leads the Minnesota National Guard. Minnesota has the nation’s fifth largest National Guard, with more than 14,000 members. Roughly 2,700 Minnesota National Guard soldiers will deploy for operations throughout Kuwait and Iraq in 2011.

  • Glenn


    I’ve a question. What is the source of the funding for troops activated in the Nasty Guard?

    When they are stationed here- I’m told the State picks up the tab. When xxx Company of the xyz Batalian of the 321 Division is activated and sent to Southern Opium Land to watch over the basic zyx interests….who pays the bill??


  • wesley

    The funding source is the federal government (department of defense) via taxpayers like you and I. Not sure nasty is an accurate characterization of the National Guard, so I will assume you are simply uninformed based on the nature of your comments and question.