MSNBC rejects MoveOn ad

MSNBC announced today that it’s rejecting a ad that’s criticizing Target Corporation for giving $150,000 to MN Forward, which is supporting Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor. MSNBC’s spokeswoman tells the AP that they aren’t airing the ad because it specifically attacks one company.

MoveOn’s executive director Justin Ruben criticized MSNBC’s decision in a news release.

“According to MSNBC and GE it is alright for corporations, like Target, to attack candidates and buy elections, but it is not OK for citizen organizations, like MoveOn, to fight back. This is the height of hypocrisy,” said Justin Ruben, Executive Director of “Target Corporation decided to use the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision to try to buy the Minnesota Governor’s election and now GE and MSNBC are protecting them from deserved consumer backlash. It’s good to know that cronyism is alive and well in the corporate takeover of America.”

  • Rich Gramling, as usual, uses the most inflammatory language possible, which actually turns off many people who, like myself, are liberals. One can only imagine what harm they do to our cause among people who are in the middle of the political spectrum and are undecided on an issue.

    In his case knows full well there is no parallelism between the actions of local television stations not owned by NBC Universal in allowing MN Forward to advertise on their airways in favor of a candidate who is standing for election and the actions of MSNBC in rejecting an ad on its national bradcasts attacking a business. There is no hypocrisy. The situations are very different., please get off my side.