MNGOP goes after Dayton in web ad

The Republican Party of Minnesota has released a web ad criticizing Democrat Mark Dayton over his family’s contributions to The Alliance for a Better Minnesota. MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton released a statement pointing out the contributions from Dayton’s family members.

“According to recent reports, Dayton’s ultra- rich family members have already donated $851,000 to the shadowy front groups Win Minnesota and the 2010 Fund, which then funnel their campaign cash in support of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota’s attack ads against Tom Emmer. Every day that passes in which Dayton refuses to denounce the attack ads funded by his family that the press have called ‘false’ and ‘misleading’ will be another day that Minnesotans will hold him personally responsible for this avalanche of negative personal attacks against Tom Emmer.”

The criticism comes at the same time that gay rights groups and Democrats are criticizing Target Corporation’s donation to MN Forward, a group that is backing Republican Tom Emmer.

When I wrote about these donations a few weeks ago, Dayton released a statement saying his family members are allowed to give to any group or candidate that they choose and he has no influence over those decisions.