Horner to release budget plan, TV ads next week

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner will release his plans to balance the state’s budget at a campaign event on Monday. His campaign spokesman Bill Crum, confirmed the story first reported by MinnPost. Horner has said he wants to lower state business taxes and the state’s sales tax rate but hasn’t offered specifics. He has also said he wants to expand the sales tax to clothing and services and proposed increasing the tobacco tax. Horner’s decision to

Horner criticized Democrat Mark Dayton’s plan to raise income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners as a “job killer.” He also ripped Republican Tom Emmer for saying he could erase a projected $5.8 billion budget deficit without raising taxes. Emmer hasn’t offered any specifics but has suggested he would eliminate some government agencies. Horner said those cuts would amount to “rounding errors.”

Horner also told reporters yesterday that he intends to go on the air with TV ads next week.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll be on on Monday and that will be through the State Fair. It will be a statewide television buy that is going to be at a high level and will introduce me to Minnesota.”

Horner said he doesn’t intend to run ads through the November election. Instead, he said there will be breaks in the action.

  • Will all of his “investments” he is so fond of speaking about make DFLer Dayton’s agenda look miniscule?

    He’s mentioned a ton of new spending (he calls them “investments”) but if we’re already facing a budget deficit of $6 billion, he’ll have to make some serious cuts or raise taxes even more then Dayton has promised.

  • Jim

    I’m looking forward to his numbers. Unlike aaa, I think you can invest in Minnesota without drastically raising taxes. Redesign takes time and cuts can’t do enough. Reduce overlap, seek outcomes not processes and demand more from Government. Mr. Horner seems to me to be incredibly capable of setting the right course for Minnesota.