Gov candidates square off on hunting, fishing and gun rights issues

Gov candidates square off on sportsman issues

Democrat Mark Dayton, Republican Tom Emmer and Independence Party candidate Tom Emmer took part in an hour long debate at Game Fair today in Anoka. The three major party candidates for governor voiced their support for hunting, fishing, land and gun rights today (SAT) at Game Fair in Anoka.

It was the second debate since the primary for Dayton, Emmer and Horner. When debate moderators allowed the candidates to question each other, Emmer took the opportunity to attack Dayton.

“If you could just explain to me and everyone else here in Minnesota how you can get an F from the NRA and can sit up here and tell us that you’re going to defend sportsmans’ rights,” Emmer said. “You’re going to defend my right and my children’s rights when you’ve gotten an F from the NRA?

Dayton said his low NRA score was due to the fact that he was voting with law enforcement.

“When the police chiefs and the police officers of this state and thisnation come to us and say those bullets are made to kill us, then yeah,I’ll vote to ban them, Dayton said. “Does that prevent a law-abiding hunter or fisher/hunter in this state from going out and hunting and fishing? Absolutely not.”

Dayton and Horner declined to ask a question of another candidate.

Horner also called for a clear land rights policy for Indian tribes that say treaties grant them expanded access to some areas.

“why isn’t the governor sitting down with the tribes on a regular basis to see how we can be working together. There’s the opportunity. It’s not drawing a line and saying ‘I’m going to fight you over this.’ It’s how we can work together. That’s the leadership the governor needs to provide.

Both Dayton and Emmer say the governor must ensure that everyone has the same rights to hunt and fish in all areas.

You can listen to the full debate here:

Note: The sound system didn’t work for the first question

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