Get ready for more ads

As we’ve reported, GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann released her first ad attacking DFL opponent Tarryl Clark.

Bachmann’s flak Sergio Gor would not confirm or deny reports of the ad buy, but rumor has it that’s it’s a $200,000 buy. Gor simply said it’s “substantial,” and the ad will be running on broadcast and cable.

He wouldn’t specify how long the ad will run, but he did say that it’s likely that the campaign will be running ads from now until Election Day.

Bachmann’s campaign also put out a press release this morning criticizing Clark’s record on taxes, saying she’s supported measures that would raise taxes every year she’s been in office.

Clark’s folks say they’ll be firing off their own statement soon.

UPDATE: Clark’s campaign issued their response to the Bachmann charges. They defend Clark’s tax votes, saying Clark “consistently voted to hold down taxes on 95 percent of working Minnesotans,” and they take aim at, among other things, Bachmann’s votes against Pay-As-You Go rules and her media staff budget.

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