Clark trots out her own versions of Jim the election guy

DFL Tarryl Clark, running for the Congressional seat in the sixth district, is trying to counter an ad released by republican incumbent Rep. Michele Bachmann a few days ago.

Bachmann’s ad featured a character named “Jim the election guy.” Clark has posted a video on her website starring three men named Jim. They introduce themselves as “actual voters” in the sixth district.

The three Jims dispute the claims made in Bachmann’s ad about Clark’s support of bills that would raise taxes. The three Jims say Clark voted to hold down taxes for 95 percent of Minnesotans.

Clark’s Jims also question what Bachmann knows about balancing budgets, alleging that she uses taxpayer money to promote herself.

Clark’s using the video to try to raise money in her campaign.

Meanwhile, Bachmann’s trying to meet her goal of raising $48,000 in 48 hours.

An email to supporters says she has to raise $31,533 by midnight tonight to meet the goal.

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