Clark suggests Bachmann has an eye on White House

Democrat Tarryl Clark’s campaign for Congress sent out a fundraising e-mail to supporters today suggesting that Bachmann is considering a run for the White House in 2012. Clark’s campaign manager Zach Radvold suggested Bachmann may be a 2012 contender as a way to raise money for her campaign.

Michele Bachmann could be a presidential candidate in 2012.

Will you help us put a stop to her blind ambition by donating today?

Bachmann said she would run for president if she felt called to it, and said in another interview that it’s not what she’s doing “right now” – leaving the door wide open. She remarked recently to FOX News that her supporters want her to run for president. And Bachmann’s multiple trips to Iowa prompted Politico to report:

“Bachmann has been receiving a little attention in conservative circles as a potential presidential candidate in 2012. And like so many other Republicans seeking a national profile, an early trip to Iowa, with its first-in-the-nation caucus, provides an opportunity to test-drive her presidential appeal.”

There’s no doubt that Bachmann has been working diligently to raise her national profile, recently appointing herself the head of the Tea Party in Congress and forming a national fundraising PAC to help right-wing candidates around the country. And in the past few weeks alone, Bachmann has popped up in Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Nevada.

Michele Bachmann is clearly not interested in the job she’s already been elected to do…

Clark’s campaign has been working furiously to show Bachmann is out of touch with Minnesota and is more interested in building her national profile. This fundraising letter is another attempt to drive that home.

Bachmann’s campaign manager didn’t yet respond to questions on the Clark campaign’s e-mail. I’ll post one if/when she responds.

Andy Parrish, Senior Adviser to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann issued this statement in response to the e-mail:

No one in Congress works as hard for their constituents as Michele Bachmann does and the people of the 6th district know it.

This is just another shameful attack on Michele.

This last year Michele Bachmann had two parents die, one of pancreatic cancer and one of alzheimer’s and Tarryl Clark’s shameful response was to viciously lash at Michele for missing votes while Michele was literally holding her stepmother’s hand at her bedside as she passed away.

Recently, Michele was admitted to the hospital; a normal response would be of concern for the Congresswoman, but Tarryl’s response again is to attack her and try to use it to raise money, Tarryl Clark is shameful.

  • John Thiel

    This could be the best news yet for the Democrats. Do the Republicans really want a Palin II? How about a joint ticket: Palin & Bachman. And no, calling it Dumb & Dumber isn’t clever or original.

  • producer

    THAT is the funniest thing i’ve heard in weeks! yes! yes! yes! a palin/bachmann ticket! bring it on!

  • Jim

    I read this article and find out about her losing her parents and it is like a joke to you lefties. Where is the compassion and love liberals have for life? Oh, not for the family of conservatives and unborn kids, that is where you draw the line.

    She will win in a landslide.

  • George Hayduke

    Hiding behind Bachmann’s dead parents to defend her Teabaggery? Really? Keep it classy, Parrish.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    A friend recently pointed out to me that Civics is no longer part of the required curriculum of most American high schools. The rise of candidates such as Bachmann and Palin, all emotion and no intellect, seems to me directly connected to this dumbing down of the American public. Notice the anguished, emotional reaction of Bachmann supporters to the non-issue of her dead parents when Clark legitimately points out that Bachmann has missed vote after vote, but has had plenty of time to tour the nation on behalf of her national political ambitions. No smarts required, just blind love for Michele.

  • Kate

    I find it strange that there was no public acknowledgement or any press release informing the public of Michele Bachmann’s loss of her parents. Why now is it made public? Oh……yeah to make Tarryl Clark look like a *itch.

    Bachmann will stoop to the lowest denominator to keep her seat in Congress.

  • A

    People like George Hayduke aren’t even human. If they had any shame I’d say “shame on you”. But all we see here is more reason to believe that liberals have no conscience.

  • desert wanderer

    The only ones that are blind and unthinking are the ones who hate anything that Bachmann does. They seem incapable of having a civil discussion on the issues. Rather, they resort to name-calling and the launching of any pejorative thing they can think of to dehumanize those that disagree with them. Liberals are not smarter, more enlightened, or humanitarian than conservatives, they just think they are, and they continue to pass on that drivel in their echo chambers.