Bonoff: Thanks for the endorsement but….

DFL state Sen. Terri Bonoff issued a statement today thanking MN Forward for endorsing her campaign. But she said she was concerned about the influence of money in politics.

MN Forward is an independent expenditure group that is backing Democrats and Republicans who are committed to low taxes and education reform. The group is funded through the corporate dollars of Minnesota businesses.

Bonoff said she’s concerned that corporate money will “drown out the voice of the people who are supposed to be deciding our elections.

Here’s the full statement from Bonoff:

“I have always worked hard to maintain a constructive relationship with the business community that puts the needs of our state first. I’m also proud to have a voting record that reflects my commitment to equal rights for the gay and lesbian community, opportunity for working families, and the importance of a high-quality education.

“I am, however, concerned about the effect of the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case, which opened the door to direct corporate spending in political campaigns. This new influx of money, combined with self-financing millionaire candidates, threatens to drown out the voice of the people who are supposed to be deciding our elections.

“I remain committed to Minnesota’s long-standing and proud tradition of campaign finance laws that give everyone a fair chance to have their voice heard and force candidates to focus precious resources on the issues that matter most. I will continue working to defend these laws in the Legislature and call on the members of our state’s federal delegation to provide the leadership we need on this issue in Washington.”

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