The Daily Digest

A federal judge blocked part of Arizona’s immigration law.

The ruling could send a message to states.

Race for Governor

Margaret Anderson Kelliher will be in the Twin Cities today but will appear on a Litchfield radio station in the morning via phone.

Democrat Matt Entenza will mostly campaign in northern Minnesota.

Democrat Mark Dayton will attend a Teamsters picnic at the U of M.

Republican Tom Emmer has no public events.

Republican Tom Emmer released a statement on the Arizona ruling.

The Star Tribune reports that the Democrats have the cash advantage up and down the line. They also have more mouths to feed (incumbents to protect) in the House and Senate.

Kelliher campaigned in Austin and released her third ad.

PoliGraph says Kelliher’s job numbers are in the ballpark.

Democrat Matt Entenza formed a leadership team. He also questioned President Obama’s results.

The former wife of IP candidate Rob Hahn got a protection order against him in 2009.

Hahn released his Vikings Stadium proposals.

Dueling rallies over same sex marriage is meant to catch the attention of the candidates.

WCCO reality checks an Alliance for a Better Minnesota ad that rips Emmer on DWIs.

Race for Congress

The DNC is working to link the GOP with the Tea Party movement. DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are mentioned.

Tea Party members in Missouri aren’t happy that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann backed Roy Blunt for the U.S. Senate.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen will hold a town hall forum in Edina on Monday.

Under the Dome

After three years, compliance with the smoking ban is better than expected.

Minnesota’s charitable gambling pot shrinks.

The Minnesota National Guard will take control of Gov. Pawlenty’s troop support program.

Zebra Mussels have been found in Lake Minnetonka.


Let the economics arguing continue…

Several economists say government intervention to prop up the economy have prevented a Depression.

Congress narrows the gap in cocaine sentences.

The IRS delayed a deadline for nonprofits to file their taxes.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar introduced a new airline safety bill.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Public Policy Polling shows Pawlenty is at the back of the pack in New Hampshire.

Pawlenty’s federal PAC has now contributed to every GOP candidate running for Congress in Minnesota.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Pawlenty still polls 3% in New Hampshire because Public Policy Polling didn’t offer Mike Pence, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley or Pat Paulsen. Naming everybody running would send Pawlenty’s number down to *. Not surprisingly, Former Governor Tim is pushing Fred Thompson’s record of lowest achievement-to-rhetoric ratio ever for a presidential candidate. That just about matches his record as Governor.

  • Jamie

    Ahahaha!! :oD