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Target Corporation may want to reconsider its corporate logo of a bull’s-eye after criticism of the company has mounted in recent weeks. CEO Gregg Steinhafel did damage control on a company donation to a group that is supporting Republican Tom Emmer. Gay rights groups are calling for a boycott of Target. CEO Gregg Steinhafel says the company’s commitment to equal rights is unwavering but he and his wife gave maximum contributions to Emmer.

You can read the CEO letter to Target employees here.

Several other businesses, including Best Buy. have also contributed to MN Forward, recently filed reports say.

Under the Dome

The state of Minnesota is investigating Chas Anderson, a former high-level member of the Minnesota Department of Education who worked to get Gov. Pawlenty elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006, for her role in negotiating a state contract.

Gov. Pawlenty, Adjutant General Larry Shellito and First Lady Mary Pawlenty will hold several news conferences across the state today to announce an expanded effort regarding the First Lady’s Military Family Care Initiative.

3M will pay a $150,000 fine for air pollution violations.


Democrats split their votes over a supplemental war-spending bill.

DFLers Walz and Peterson join Republicans Kline, Paulsen and Bachmann to vote for the bill. DFLers McCollum, Ellison and Oberstar voted against it. Check votes here.

The measure, which gave another $59 billion for a troop surge in Afghanistan, was approved.

The House also strongly rejected a measure calling for the removal of U.S. troops from Pakistan.

The White House officially supports the campaign finance bill.

President Obama plays down the Afghanistan war leaks.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and ESPN reporter Erin Andrews push for tougher stalking laws.

Some of the damage from the BP oil spill will take years to identify experts tell a Senate panel. Klobuchar is mentioned.

Klobuchar’s spokeswoman Erikka Knuti makes The Hill’s Most Beautiful.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum voices concerns over talk of scrapping a study examining whether Yucca Mountain should store nuclear waste.

Local government officials warn more job and service cuts will occur if a second stimulus doesn’t occur. DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is mentioned.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says the nation faces a “disaster” over the financial reform bill.

BP is taking a $10 billion tax credit because of the oil spill. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar isn’t happy.

Race for Governor

Democrat Matt Entenza will announce his leadership team at a news conference in St. Paul this afternoon.

Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher will campaign in Austin.

Democrat Mark Dayton kicks off his GOTV efforts in St. Paul’s Como Park.

Republican Tom Emmer has a fundraiser scheduled in downtown Minneapolis.

IP Candidate Tom Horner holds a Twitter town hall in Mineapolis.

IP Candidate Rob Hahn announces his plan to build a new Vikings stadium.

The wide levels of fundraising means the candidates for governor will engage in various tactics to win votes.

AP says the race is helping feed the political economy.

WCCO takes a look at some of the more interesting spending items listed in the reports.

News Cut takes a look at Dayton’s decision to hire a social media consultant and whether it’s helping the campaign.

Emmer says he’s bothered by the millions being spent.

MPR profiles Dayton.

Entenza touted renewable energy in Mankato on Tuesday.

Emmer campaigned in Bemidji.

The DFL leaning group, An Alliance for Better Minnesota, starts running an ad hitting Emmer on his push to change the state’s DWI laws.

Forgot to mention this one yesterday. Gov. Pawlenty will host a major fundraiser for Emmer.

Emmer has also scheduled a statewide tour to talk taxes on Friday.

Race for Congress

None of Minnesota’s congressional races cracked The Hotline’s Top 40.

DFLer Jim Meffert released a new poll. He’s running against GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen.

The Star Tribune states the obvious: the economy will be the top issue in the election.

2008 Race for the U.S. Senate

DFL Sen. Al Franken called the 2008 election “fair and legitimate.”

DNC 2012 Watch

DNC officials are touring Charlotte.

Coleman for RNC Chair Watch

A group is lining up to oppose Norm Coleman as chair of the RNC.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

How do you wedge a White House hopeful? Ask him in Iowa whether the MN State Fair is better than the Iowa State Fair.

Gov. Pawlenty is headed to the Iowa State Fair on August 12th.

Pawlenty also plans multiple Iowa stops when he campaigns for state candidates on Sunday.

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz says Pawlenty is a contender who can change the GOP’s image in 2012.

Jeb Bush says he’s out. Rick Santorum is getting closer to being in.

Santorum also targets Pawlenty over what Santorum characterizes as “class warfare.”

South Dakota Sen. John Thune starts testing the waters.


Marcia Avner, with the MN Council of Nonprofits, is retiring.

  • Jamie

    Mark Zdechlick did a real hatchet job on Mark Dayton this morning. The whole story was done from a negative angle. It was grossly unfair to say, for example, that a lot of people criticized Dayton for closing his office and NOT to report that a lot of people also commended him for it, and not to report that Dayton based his decision on a classified report that indicated a possibility of terrorism. He took the safe route in protecting his staffers. MPR’s story made it sound like he was a lunatic for doing it, just as a lot of the follow-the-leader media did back when it happened.

    It was also unfair, not to mention bad journalism, to make it sound like he wasn’t able to do much in the Senate because he was just ineffectual or a bad senator or something, when in fact, he couldn’t get much done because he was in the minority and Dubya was president. A lot of senators in the minority would say they can’t get much done.

    Those are just two of many examples. The story sounded like its main purpose was to just talk about all of Dayton’s real, made-up, and perceived faults. There was hardly anything positive in it. And even the positive stuff was delivered like it was bad, for example, that he has been in public service for most of his life — an admirable thing when you consider that he could have chosen a much more lucrative path. Zdechlick made it sound like it was a bad thing.

    Even Arne Carlson wrote a very positive letter to the editor in the Strib about Dayton when he left the Senate. Can’t a news organization that is supposed to be impartial write a balanced story instead of getting out the love-to-whack-at-Dayton hatchet like the herd of sheep that is the rest of the news media?

  • Ginny

    I totally agree with Jamie’s comment above. In particular, the part about the closing of the office. When you know the details, it makes sense that he did it. This is just something that gets sensationalized and most people don’t look at the facts.