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The latest Fox9/Rasmussen Reports poll shows all three DFL candidates for governor leading Republican Tom Emmer and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner. The poll also showed Gov. Pawlenty and President Obama with identical approval marks (49%) and support for Arizona’s immigration law in Minnesota.

The three DFLers, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza, all squared off in a lively debate on Tuesday. The debate was hosted by MPR’s Midmorning (listen here).

Kelliher and Dayton focused most of their fire on each other.

AP says Kelliher and Entenza worked to portray Dayton as someone too focused on the past.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota released an ad criticizing Republican Tom Emmer. WCCO says the ad featured footage from Emmer’s town hall meeting with servers.

Fox9 posted a q and a with Emmer.

Kelliher also released her detailed budget plan.

MN NOW is now backing a second candidate in the race. The PAC Board is now backing Kelliher and Entenza.

Forum Communications says the DFL candidates are pushing their jobs agendas.

Emmer, Kelliher and I-P candidate Tom Horner all accepted the public subsidy for the election.

The DFL field is scheduled to spend $2.5 million in ads through the primary.

City Pages profiles Entenza.

2010 Race for Legislature

The MNGOP is investigating GOP Sen. Paul Koering and asks for law enforcement records on Koering. Koreing is running against former Rep. Paul Gazelka, who has the GOP endorsement.

2010 Race for Congress

Republican Randy Demmer moves up in the NRCC’s “Young Guns” program.

2010 Other

Republican Attorney General candidate Chris Barden would sue over the federal health care law.

Under the Dome

AFSCME protests the MnSCU president’s $40,000 bonus.

Loans have been offered to businesses to help offset the Central Corridor construction.

Great Lakes iron ore shipments are riding high in 2010.


President Obama will sign the Wall St. overhaul bill. DFL Rep. Keith Ellison will be in attendance at the signing.

The New York Times says states embrace national standards for schools.

The Senate passed a bill that extends unemployment benefits for 2.5 million Americans.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Elena Kagan’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken both voted for her nomination.

It appears that a Minnesotan who claims to design the cap for BP’s oil well is telling a tall tale.

A petition says more wolves should be restored across more of the U.S.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann gathers the Tea Party Caucus for the first time.

The Tea Party Caucus puts Republicans in an “In or Out” dilemma.

MinnPost takes a look at who will be a part of the caucus.

Bachmann says the caucus will give a greater voice to the people.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty proposes benefit cuts for federal employees. Side note: He also adopts a Tom Emmer line about more people riding in the wagon instead of pulling the wagon.

Sarah Palin endorsed a U.S. Senate candidate in New Hampshire.

  • Karl

    The only “greater voice” the Tea Party will give anyone is a greater voice–more like megaphone–for Michele Bachmann to promote Michele Bachmann. Why do “the people” need a greater voice? Isn’t that what representatives and senators are supposed to be? Has anyone asked how much this sham is costing the taxpayers? She’s already announced she has one staff person assigned to her teabagging duties.

  • JackU

    First off one would hope that the ore boats are “riding low” (as in fully loaded) which from the article looks like the case.

    I think Rep Bachmann’s move is all about Michelle Bachmann and her political ambitions. By setting up a rival caucus without the input/approval of the current GOP leadership in the house she is positioning herself to challenge that leadership in the next Congress. (Of course she has to hold on to her seat to do that.)

    If I’m the Democrats I see this as a potential for “fratricide” within the GOP. Of course if there was a sense of collegiality amongst the leaders of the two parties then Rep Hoyer might have provided information to Rep Boehner before the caucus was approved to allow the GOP Leadership to be prepared.