Pawlenty PAC raises $723,501 in 2nd Qtr

Gov. Pawlenty’s federal Political Action Committee will file its fundraising figures later today but a person with knowledge of the figures say the PAC raised $723,501 between April and June for a total of $2.6 million since he formed the committee in October.

The PAC has almost $940,000 in the bank to spend on politics through November.

The PAC has given almost $84,000 to state and federal campaigns and committees.

  • Goerge Hayduke

    Are you telling me that less than 10% of the PAC’s ‘donations’ has been spent on state and federal campaigns and committees? Not much return on investment for the donors. Pawlenty is just another political opportunist with a PAC.

  • TJ

    People cannot pay their rent, pay for medical care, and buy food for their families, and Pawlenty creates and endorses this sham of an organization. He is not just a political opportunist, he is a typical conservative who praises the rich and spits on the middle class and poor.