Hahn addresses domestic violence questions

Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Rob Hahn says he was wrong when he made verbal and physical threats against his ex-wife last year.

Hahn held a news conference today to respond to media reports about the incident, and get try to get beyond an issue that could derail his third-party campaign before the August 10 primary. He doesn’t dispute court records that describe an incident of domestic violence at his St. Paul home in March 2009. Hahn’s wife Megan was granted a restraining order that remains in effect. The marriage ended last year after 16 years. Hahn says he was caught up of the emotional rollercoaster of a divorce and made a one-time mistake. He says voters should not worry about a similar outburst if he’s elected governor.

“If this were a repeated process, and I had a record of this, or if it had occurred on a number of occasions, then yes, maybe,” Hahn said. “This was a one-time isolated incident. And I think if anything, the voters should appreciate the fact that I have taken this head on, admitted my mistake, learned from it and now use it as part of my platform. And I haven’t shied away from it as all.”

Hahn, who runs a small publishing business, says he’s never tried to hide the incident. He says he brought it up four months ago during a State Capitol event where he outlined his proposal for family law reform.

City Pages reports that Hahn was recently shopping the story.

Hahn says he was not shopping it.

  • Diane Goldman

    When Hahn was screened by the Independence Party screening committee last spring, Hahn was asked to disclose anything in his past that we should know, such as a criminal record, OR anything that would embarrass the IP. He did not disclose this restraining order.

    He was bound to disclose this and should have during that process

    Further, he signed a statement saying that he did not have anything to disclose.

    My question to Hahn is why did he not disclose this at that time?

  • Diane Goldman

    Hahn was asked when he was screened by the Independence Party of Minn last spring, do you have anything in his background to disclose that would bring embarrassment to the party.

    He answered NO and signed a document stating this.

    Hahn failed to disclose a standing restraining order. Hahn is a fraud and the media is falling for his tactics to get PR at all costs.

    I believe City Pages and not Mr. Hahn.

  • Emily

    I think that if you watch Hahn’s statements on this situation, his visible anger and aggressive nature is very apparent, even in his statements.

    That says to me that regardless of what he is saying, he doesn’t appear to have changed.

    And I also find it very disturbing that he is playing the “It was only one time” card.

    I’m appalled even by his meager attempt at explaining himself.

  • http://www.hahn2010.com Rob Hahn

    Let me clarify something that Ms. Goldman states.

    Here’s part of my response to the question she references about whether there was anything in my past that might embarrass the party:

    “My divorce might be something the press would look at, but that’s all public record.”

    The screening process, I might add, came after I made the OFP public during a speech on the Capitol steps on March. 19.

    I have a copy of the statement I submitted and signed, which will prove Ms. Goldman’s assertion is false.