Emmer weighs in on the Target tussle

Republican Tom Emmer said the tussle over Target Corporation giving money to a group supporting him in the Minnesota governor’s race is getting too personal. Gay rights groups and Democrats are calling for a boycott of the company because it gave corporate money to a group running an ad supporting him. Emmer says he’s sad that Target’s decision to get involved in the race has become personal.

“We have to get over this personal issue,” Emmer told MPR News. “We have to start talking about who has the positive vision for the future of the state of Minnesota. The personal emotions, that’s human, and I understand it but at some point we have to peel back the emotions and we got to start asking each other is what we’re doing in the state now working? Are we going to leave something more than debt to our kids and their kids?”

Target’s CEO sent a letter to employees earlier this week saying the company is focused on issues impacting the retailers bottom line. He wrote that the company’s support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers is “unwavering.”

  • Dusty

    Well of course he had to say something. After the Target/Best Buy fiasco, what company would want to donate to him after seeing the fallout?

  • Chris

    Emmer’s entire stock-in-trade at the legislature for the past six years has been personally abusing colleagues who disagree with him about anything.

    Kind of like how he spent half the 2009 session using the personal announcements section of House business to launch into tirades about “Where’s your budget plan?” to the DFL, and now that he’s running for Governor, he’s refusing to put forward his own budget plan “on principle” and calling it “a new way of doing politics.”

  • Dennis

    Republicans oppose equal rights for gay people, have spent tens of millions of dollars to segregate and isolate gay people beyond constitutional protection, and the party’s association with hateful churches and right-wing media stars has led to some of the most egregious language spewed against gay people that I’ve ever heard. And that’s not personal? Emmer is a putz, and Target’s getting involved in politics was stupid.

  • Tony George

    It doesn’t make sense for any progressive or liberal or even moderate to shop at Taeget as long as Target supports extreme right-wing candidates like Tom Emmer and Michelle Bachmann. Target has been living a lie for the past years fooling us all into thinking they were a progressive organization. Women should not be shopping at Target as long as Target supports anti-choice candidates. No one should shop at Target when they support a candidate who once believed in gay executions. It’s dangerous. Now we know, so we need to stop Target’s rightwing agenda.