Pawlenty visits Oklahoma, will back Haley in SC

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is spending the day in Oklahoma City, OK. He’s scheduled to host a fundraiser tonight for Republican Mary Fallin’s campaign for governor.

Fallin also told reporters that Pawlenty met with Oklahoma business leaders, the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and Republicans in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Pawlenty and Fallin met with Oklahoma reporters this afternoon. He discussed Fallin’s candidacy, the BP oil spill and his endorsements.

Pawlenty told reporters that he “personally backs Nikki Haley” in South Carolina’s race for governor and expects his federal political action committee to endorse her today. Haley is in a runoff today with Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett. The winner would be the Republican nominee for governor.

Here’s the audio from Pawlenty’s meeting with reporters.

(Thanks to Kurt Gwartney of KGOU for the audio)

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