Kelliher wants a better working relationship with local governments

Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher held a news conference today with St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Richfield Mayor Debbie Goettel. The focus on the event was to say that Kelliher would work to restore the “working relationship with local communities.”

Kelliher and her running mate, John Gunyou, said Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty has broken the trust with local government officials by cutting local government aid and criticizing local government officials.

Kelliher didn’t offer too many specifics on what she would do with LGA if she’s elected governor. She said the current funding formula to cities is appropriate but would not completely rule out cuts to the system.

Kelliher is the DFL endorsed canddate for governor. She’s running for the DFL nomination against former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton and former legislator Matt Entenza.

  • The Kelliher Gunyou theme song…

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    Taxes drove me to my doom

    And when he’s gone we won’t relax

    We’ll come after the inheritance tax


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