I-P takes a swing at Emmer/Meeks

The Independence Party says Annette Meeks, the GOP endorsed candidate for Lt. Governor, needs to take a leave from the conservative Freedom Foundation of Minnesota. In a news release, Independence Party Chair Jack Uldrich alleges that Meeks is using the tax exempt organization to boost her name identification and push the Emmer/Meeks agenda.

“A letter dated June 8 is signed by Meeks and sent to an unknown recipient list,” Uldrich said in the news release. “How many thousands of Minnesotans received this letter, prepared with tax-exempt dollars, that tries to drive recognition of the little-known Meeks and delivers an Emmer stump speech while soliciting money for the ultra-conservative Freedom Foundation?”

Uldrich also said the Emmer campaign shouldn’t use tax-exempt dollars to promote the campaign’s agenda. Uldrich added that the party won’t file a complaint because of the matter.

I asked the I-P to send me a copy of the letter. Here’s the letter Meeks sent out. It looks like it’s a standard fundraising letter that doesn’t mention her candidacy nor Tom Emmer at all.

I also sent a note to Emmer’s campaign and will post something if/when a comment is available.

Update: Meeks says she’ll take a leave of absence from the Freedom Foundation on June 16th.