Horner leaves PR firm

Independence Party candidate for governor candidate Tom Horner said today that he’s leaving the public relations firm he co-founded in 1989. Horner announced today that he sold half of his shares back to Himle Horner and half to the company’s president. Horner said he started selling the shares in the company in 2008 and finished selling the shares today. He said he has no more financial relationship with the company other than some limited consulting work with the Minnesota Hospital Association Twin Cities hospitals.

“I have sold all of my financial interest in Himle Horner. I have no more professional stake in Himle Horner. People ought to know that those issues that I speak directly about, as always, are the positions that I hold because of my philosophies.”

Horner said recent criticism that he won’t release his client list played no role in his decision to leave the firm. Several Republicans have called on Horner to release his company’s client list but he’s declined.

Update: MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton released this statement on Horner:

“Today’s action by Tom Horner is a smokescreen designed to divert attention away from his failure to release his client list. To that end, we renew our call for Horner to immediately disclose his client list so voters can make their own minds up about any potential conflicts of interest. By failing to come clean on his client list, Horner thumbs his nose at Minnesota’s tradition of open government and demonstrates that he is just another politician who can’t be trusted. In addition, Horner needs to make public the full terms of the buyout agreement so the public has a complete understanding of his financial relationship with Himle-Horner moving forward.”

Update: Horner says he won’t disclose the list or the size of the sale.

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