Goodwin to challenge Chaudhary

Former DFL Rep. Barb Goodwin filed paperwork this morning to challenge DFL Sen. Satveer Chaudhary in the August primary. Goodwin said she made her decision last night after being recruited to run by several city leaders and DFL Party activists.

Goodwin retired from the Minnesota House in 2006 after serving six years there.

“In light of the last few weeks and the news stories in the past few weeks about our current senator, I was flooded with phone calls from all over the district,” Goodwin said. “It was almost like they had a telephone tag thing going.”

DFL Party officials will meet on June 28th to consider revoking the party endorsement for Chaudhary after he worked to include a provision in a bill that would improve fishing on a northern Minnesota lake. He owns a cabin on the lake.

Chaudhary called the issue a “major league screw-up.”

Update: Chaudhary said he’s committed to running and won’t drop out of the race.

  • John Johnson

    She retired in 2006 not 2004.

  • Alison

    I’m happy about the chance to consider someone new for our district. Hopefully former Rep. Goodwin has a record free of questionable judgement calls. I have to admit I was hoping for a change in our senate seat to another DFLer before the recent alleged scandal.

  • minnman55421

    The electorate of Senate District 50 now has a candidate that can do the right thing: Barbara Goodwin. Barbara served for six years as our State Reprentative in District 50A. During that time she courageously stood up for the rights of her constituency. She has and will be ethical, responsible and has the total integrity that our senate district has lacked over the past years. Amongst her accomplishments was the passing of the anti-bullying bill to help protect the students within our educational system. Barbara Goodwin has the experience and the credentials but most importantly she has our trust.

  • UpAndDown

    I’m not surprised she filed. She was one of the most popular elected officials around here. Everybody loves Barb. She fought hard for us in the House on all kinds of issues. It won’t be an easy race, but if anybody can do it, it’s Barb.