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Gov. Pawlenty is proposing the Legislature approve his previous budget cuts and added even more cuts in aid to local governments, HHS programs and an Iron Range economic development fund to offset the lack of federal money that isn’t arriving any time soon.

Democrats in the Legislature say his latest proposal is a nonstarter since Pawlenty’s initial plan was soundly rejected by members of both parties. MPR, AP, Forum Communications, MinnPost, the Star Tribune and the Pi Press have stories.

You can read the specifics here.

Pawlenty also threatened to veto the HHS bills moving through the House and Senate. The House passed a bill last night that includes $164 million in cuts.

A report says Minnesota’s business taxes rank in the bottom third nationally.

Committees in the House and Senate hear the Vikings bill today. Late last night, a House committee approved a Vikings stadium plan that relies on tapping a sales tax that pays for the Minneapolis Convention Center to pay for the stadium. The committee nixed a plan that relies on sports memorabilia, hotel taxes and other measures. The Star Tribune, the Pi Press and MPR have stories.

The Vikings are increasing their number of lobbyists.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman doesn’t like the Vikings stadium plan.


President Obama’s Supreme Court pick could come this week.

He interviewed Diane Wood for the job this week.

The Mayo Clinic gets a $12 million federal stimulus grant.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is offering an amendment to the financial overhaul bill that would address ratings agencies.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz writes an op-ed calling on Congress to act on reducing the national debt.

GOP Rep. John Kline and other Republicans are warning the Obama Administration to not remove any tax breaks for retirement plans.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will host a jobs forum on Monday.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says he will no longer block a Senate plan to provide an ag disaster package.

Crop subsidies are found to help the largest farms the most.


Republican Tom Emmer will be on MPR’s Midday today at 11am.

Democrat Matt Entenza wants five debates with his DFL challengers, Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

I-P candidate Tom Horner kicks off his campaign. AP, the Star Tribune, MPR and the Pi Press have stories. Here’s video of the newser.

Horner and the other I-P gubernatorial candidates Rob Hahn and John Uldrich appeared on MPR’s Midday on Tuesday. You can listen to it here.

State Rep. Laura Brod isn’t running for reelection.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty told ABC’s Topline to not shut down offshore drilling, wouldn’t say if he’d sign the Arizona immigration bill and won’t say if the economy is improving.

Michael Gerson writes an glowing op-ed of Pawlenty. Gerson is a former speech writer for President George W. Bush.


A legend takes the buyout. Good luck Eric.

  • Rex Hamann

    Tim Pawlenty has shown time and time again he has no interest in leading the state. The state supreme court decision has given its opinion: his attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the neediest Minnesotans was illegal. Pawlenty should somehow be censored. We are wasting our time with this governor. That means we are throwing away a boatload of money trying to play ball with him. The best thing for the legislature to do right now is to either impeach him or withdraw from the process itself. There is nothing to be done about a governor who won’t discuss “all things on the table” which of course includes raising taxes as well as making spending cuts.