Rasmussen Poll: Gov race a toss up

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports shows that the race for governor in Minnesota is a clear toss-up. Republican Tom Emmer has a slight lead over the 3 DFL candidates but it’s within the Margin of Error. Here are the toplines:

Tom Emmer (R) 37%

Mark Dayton (D) 35%

Tom Horner (I) 12%

Not sure 16%

Tom Emmer (R) 38%

Margaret Anderson Kelliher (D) 36%

Tom Horner (I) 11%

Not sure 15%

Tom Emmer (R) 37%

Matt Entenza (D) 34%

Tom Horner (I) 12%

Not sure 17%

Fifty-three percent approve of the job the President Obama is doing, while 46% disapprove.

Fifty-two percent of Minnesota voters approve of how he is doing his job. Forty-six percent disapprove. But only 35 percent of those polled say they’d vote for Pawlenty if he’s the GOP presidential candidates in 2012. 49 percent say they won’t vote for him.

The poll also found that 50% of those polled support the repeal of the national health care law while 43% support it.

53% of Minnesota voters favor an immigration law in their state like the one in Arizona, while 34% oppose such a law. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

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