Pawlenty discusses his book…

Gov. Pawlenty said he hasn’t started his memoir yet but said the book will focus on his personal experiences and vision for America.

“Along the way, I’ve been at this a while as governor and Majority Leader and legislator, you learn some things, you observe some things in term of leadership, in terms of service, in terms of people, in terms of policy and issues. As I see it, and it hasn’t been written yet so I’m just giving you some very advanced sense of what it might include, it’s kind of reflections and lessons learned along the way in terms of service, leadership, personalities, policy and using some of the things I encountered as a way to share those lessons with other people.”

Pawlenty joked that the market for the book would be the press corps. He said the specifics of the book, who it will be marketed to and other details are still being worked out.

The book is set to be released in 2011, which is the same time Pawlenty says he’ll make a decision about a White House run.

Pawlenty said he will receive an advance for the memoir bout wouldn’t disclose the sum.

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