Kelliher, Emmer file for governor


Republican Tom Emmer made his campaign for governor official today when he filed his election paperwork.

Emmer appeared at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office with his running mate Annette Meeks and GOP legislative candidates from throughout the state. During a news conference, Emmer said he’s running as part of a unified team of Republicans made up of regular Minnesotans.

“This is more than just some grabbing their hand and saying you know have have you ever thought of running for office?,” Emmer said. “These people are actually coming forward saying I don’t like the direction that this country is moving. I don’t like thre direction that this state is moving. They’re coming forward and they’re saying I’m not going to complain about it. I’m going to be part of the solution.”

The DFL-endorsed candidate for governor, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, filed earlier in the morning with her running mate John Gunyou. Kelliher said she was excited about filing for office, as well as continuing the work of a statewide campaign focused on Minnesota values.

“Values of making sure that our K-12 education system is strong, that our early childhood is even stronger, that in public higher education we’re living up to our great promise in this state.” Kelliher said. “Making sure that we are doing well by all Minnesotans in the area of health care, and creating more jobs in this state.”

Kelliher is facing a primary election challenge on August 10. One of her DFL opponents, Mark Dayton, filed his election paperwork Monday after announcing his running mate. Former state representative Matt Entenza is expected to do the same later this week.

  • Chris

    Pat Anderson listed her phone number as 000-000-0000?

  • Chris

    Hmm, I hadn’t known until I read the filing info that Dayton lives in Kelliher’s legislative district. He lives in Ward 7, precinct 8; she lives in Ward 7, precinct 1. The precincts are adjacent to each other in District 60A.

    Small world.