House GOP hits back on Kelliher’s missed votes

The Minnesota Republican Party is responding to the DFL criticism of Republican Tom Emmer’s missed votes by pointing out DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher also missed votes since she won her party’s endorsement for governor. The Republican Party points out that Kelliher has missed 51 votes since she won her party’s endorsement for governor.

Kelliher missed votes for a statewide flyaround touting her candidacy on April 26th, for the Cinco de Mayo celebration at the White House on May 5th and for visiting with the Minnesota Nurses Association on May 6th.

“A lot of people miss votes around here and I was excused for every single vote that I missed on that list. Just like Rep. Emmer when he became the endorsed candidate for the Republican Party as a DFL endorsed candidate, I did a statewide tour for the DFL Party.”

The Republican Party’s criticism of Kelliher came quickly after Democrats, including Kelliher, criticized Tom Emmer’s missed votes over the past week. Emmer told MPR News that he thinks every vote is important but stressed DFL legislative leaders should be focused more on fixing the state’s budget problems.

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