Hahn challenges Horner to debates and to release client list

Rob Hahn, an Independence Party candidate for governor, is challenging the I-P endorsed candidate to a series of debates. He also wants Horner, who owns the public relations firm Himle Horner, to release his client list. Horner has declined to release his client list when asked in the past. Here’s the letter:

Dear Tom:

Your repeated suggestion to want to “engage Minnesotans in honest discussions” is commendable, and I would like to take it two steps further in the following ways.

1. I challenge you to partake in two or three debates with me, and perhaps John Uldrich as well, prior to the August 10, 2010 primary. My campaign is willing to work to find sponsors and locations. We are in a unique situation with a contested primary, and these debates will help call even more attention to the Independence Party, ideally highlighting what will make the eventual IP candidate the optimal choice in the November election. Given the time constraints, I would appreciate your prompt reply to this matter.

2. I respectfully request that you release to me and the media a list of all Himle Horner clients, both current and previous, from the past five years (2006-present). This will assist everyone involved in the 2010 gubernatorial election process, especially the voters, to ensure there is no confusion or speculation about any potential conflicts-of-interest.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you or your campaign in the near future.


Rob Hahn

I contacted Horner’s campaign and will post a response if/when I get one.


IP-endorsed candidate for governor Tom Horner has responded to primary challenger Rob Hahn. Horner declined Hahn’s invitation to hold three debates before Aug. 10. He said he’s focusing on the general election.

Horner also declined Hahn’s request that he release the names of his public relations firm clients. Horner said those clients have a right to privacy

“We don’t ask legislators to disclose where their interests are,” Honer said. “We don’t ask legislators or gubernatorial candidates coming out of law firms, coming out of investment firms, coming out of other professional services to disclose all of their clients.”

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