Tommy the Queen maker?

DFL Rep. Tom Rukavina dropped out the race and announced his support for Margaret Anderson Kelliher. This could be a critical point in the convention as the delegates vote on the 5th ballot.

After Rukavina’s endorsement, Kelliher’s campaign immediately dropped this pre-produced campaign literature:


The race is now down to three candidates: Kelliher, R.T. Rybak and Paul Thissen.

Rybak’s campaign manager said Rukavina and Kelliher are old colleagues at the Legislature. She said she doesn’t think Rukavina’s supporters will vote as a block.

UPDATE: Rukavina said he’s disappointed Kelliher dropped the lit. He said he didn’t authorize it.

Thissen agrees. He also said he has a stronger labor voting record than Kelliher.

  • Arthur Allen

    Rukavina for Lt. Governor?