Tinklenberg backs Entenza

Former state transportation commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg is supporting Matt Entenza in his campaign for governor.

Tinklenberg is also a former mayor of Blaine. In 2008, he was the DFL candidate for congress in the 6th district, losing to incumbent Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Entenza is a DFL candidate for governor in the Aug. 10 primary election. He’ll face Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who is the DFL party’s endorsed candidate,

Here’s what Tinklenberg had to say in an Entenza news release about the endorsement:

“Matt Entenza has a 21st century vision for Minnesota, and he understands that our transportation needs go hand-in-hand with the demands of our economy. Matt’s transportation vision is one reason I believe he is the best choice for governor. But like most Minnesotans, my concerns for our state extend beyond one or two issues. Above all, I believe Matt Entenza has what it takes to lead our state in the challenging times we face. Matt has spent his life working for the values we share and overcoming challenges. He knows how to create opportunities for success – and he’ll do this for our entire state. These days there’s a sense that Minnesota isn’t what it used to be. We can’t go back, but we can make Minnesota great again. It will take a leader with vision to get the job done. That leader is Matt Entenza – and I will be working to make him our next governor.”

  • John

    Comes as no surprise, especially since the campaign manager for El’s 2010 Congressional Campaign (that was abandoned) moved over to Entenza’s campaign, and then moved on from that campaign as well.