The Daily Digest

The Minnesota House and Senate will hold floor sessions today and will break until Monday.

State lawmakers and teachers promise to work together on education reform. MPR and Forum Communications have stories.

The Minnesota Senate voted to ease the campus stadium beer ban.

Transportation officials propose spending $5 billion in rail funding.

Thousands of Minnesota contractors will miss the EPA’s lead deadline.

Minnesota is looking to build 3 new vets cemeteries.

A Minnesotan wants the MN Supreme Court Chief Justice’s seat put on the ballot.

A bill would replace Minnesota lawmakers called to the military.

Another bill sets aside funds for affordable housing.

Vikings stadium supporters held an eRally.

Race for Governor

Democrat Matt Entenza will start running radio and TV ads next week.

Democrats Mark Dayton, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, R.T. Rybak and Susan Gaertner will be on the show today.

Entenza, Tom Rukavina, Paul Thissen and John Marty appeared on Midday on Tuesday.

Rybak released an op-ed today.

Emily’s List makes the push for Kelliher.

Several candidates push bioscience at a forum.


Democrats are also set to endorse Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, State Auditor Rebecca Otto and Attorney General Lori Swanson on Friday night.

Democrats outraised Republicans nationally.


President Obama is talking to some his possible high court picks.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is drafting a response to the Citizen’s United ruling.

Democrats seize on Goldman Sachs profits.

Republicans are warming to a financial overhaul bill.

GM is set to announce that it’s paying back loans from the U.S. and Canada.

DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken and DFL Rep. Betty McCollum push to increase funding for Indian schools.

A Senate bill aims to help veterans find jobs. Klobuchar is mentioned.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachman appeared on Fox’s Hannity the other night. Here’s the transcript.

Politico says the Senate Ag Committee is turning its pitchforks on Wall St. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

A Republican lawmaker criticized a high-speed rail plan in Chicago for not having faster trains. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Pawlenty will speak in Luverne on April 29th.

Sarah Palin is set to take the stand in the e-mail hacking trial.

Marco Rubio is under federal investigation for credit card use.