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Legislators meet today to discuss an application for more federal money for schools.

On Monday, Gov. Pawlenty tried to triangulate on Democrats in the Legislature by calling on them to pass his proposed K12 changes. He dusted off a set of proposals he put forward in the past. MPR, AP, the Star Tribune and the Pi Press have stories.

MnSCU outlines a proposed tuition increase.

A mental health overhaul is in line for another retooling.

42,000 lost small group coverage last year.

There’s an effort to put Minnesota’s next chief justice on the ballot. A court hearing is scheduled for today.


President Obama signed a disaster declaration for Minnesota flooding.

The fight over financial overhaul draws a lobbyist swarm.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson predicts the feds to approve an ethanol blend of 15% by August.

Race for Governor

MPR says the candidates for governor are trying to connect with voters by sharing their hard times.

Republican Tom Emmer lays out his principles if elected. He said he wants to return to the art of practicing constitutional government. Republican Marty Seifert’s campaign criticized him for not laying out specifics. MPR, AP and the Star Tribune have stories. Watch video of the speech here.

SEIU says it will stay out of the DFL endorsement.

Four more legislators back Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s campaign.

MPR’s Midday will feature former state Rep. Matt Entenza, State Sen. John Marty, state Rep. Tom Rukavina and state Rep. Paul Thissen this morning at 11.

How do the DFL backed gov candidates do in a primary? Check the chart.


Polling shows a falling trust in government.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Pawlenty sat down with Iowa GOP State Central Committee leaders before his speech on Saturday (The story is on whether he’ll court Evangelicals but read on).

Pawlenty is backing Republican Randy Demmer’s congressional run.

Newt Gingrich raised $2.7 million for his 527.

  • Albert

    Someone needs to fact-check Entenza’s hard-luck story. Entenza and the truth aren’t exactly best friends. I wonder how his dad feels about being Matt’s favorite whipping boy on the campaign trail, holding him and his disease up to disgrace at every opportunity.