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The Legislature gets back to work today after a weeklong Easter/Passover break.

One issue that they won’t have to worry about is short-term borrowing to pay the bills. Gov. Pawlenty’s top finance official says the state won’t have to do it over the short term.

One other item expected to be addressed is a constitutional amendment that would change how judges are elected.

Attorney General Lori Swanson says she’s rejecting Gov. Pawlenty’s request and won’t sue to stop the federal health overhaul. Here’s Swanson’s letter to Pawlenty.

Lawmakers are eyeing a bill that would allow closed-door advisory sessions.

The U of M president wants state lawmakers to place higher education at the top of the priority list.


President Obama limits when the U.S. would use nuclear weapons.

The feds fine Toyota $16 million.

Justice John Paul Stevens says he “will surely retire” while President Obama is in office.

Is DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar a contender for the U.S. Supreme Court?

She says no.

Race for Governor

AP says the Tea Party has been slow to take off in Minnesota.

The DFL African American Caucus is backing Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is raising money off of the Sarah Palin’s Wednesday visit.

WCCO checks Bachmann on health care.


The RNC’s Chief of Staff quit.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

It’s a virtual presidential parade in Minnesota this week. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney will be in the state for separate events.

Mark Halperin says Pawlenty has significant hurdles ahead of him.

Romney predicts there will be ten GOP 2012 candidates for the White House.

  • peter hill

    I have to admire Mitt Romney’s willingness to say absolutely anything to gather support. The federal health care law, closely modeled after the law he helped craft and pass in Massachusetts, merits this, “Congratulations to our team who said this thing was a stinker and we’re not going to support it.” So I have to ask, does he think nobody will notice? And is he correct in making that assumption?

  • linda

    That would be the African-American Caucus, not Congress.