SEIU to stay out of endorsement

The Service Employees International Union State Council announced today that it won’t back a candidate for governor this week. In a news release, SEIU officials said it will wait until after this Saturday’s endorsing convention to back a candidate.

    “We are firmly committed to electing a pro-working family governor in November and we are fortunate to have a large group of well-qualified candidates, any of whom will be a better governor than Marty Seifert or Tom Emmer,” said Julie Schnell, president of SEIU Minnesota State Council and president of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “The DFL candidates’ commitment to working families has inspired many of our members to become involved in the political process, and we appreciate the time that they have spent getting know our members. “

    The union will reconsider the endorsement after the convention and before the August primary.

    SEIU is the second union to announce it was staying out of the DFL endorsement. Education Minnesota, the statewide teacher’s union also said it wouldn’t endorse until after the convention.

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