Seifert “congratulates” Kelliher

Republican Marty Seifert, one of the two GOP candidates running for governor, issued a news release “congratulating” Margaret Anderson Kelliher for winning the DFL endorsement for governor.

“While the Republican Party will be united behind one candidate in less than a week, the DFL will have a bruising primary battle for months. One thing is certain: each of the DFL candidates for governor will promise higher taxes, more spending, and greater government intrusion in our lives. I will continue to fight for Minnesotans to reduce taxes, cut spending, and rein in government at all levels.”

One line of attack for the Republicans will be Kelliher’s tenure as Speaker of the Minnesota House. MNGOP Deputy Party Chair Michael Brodkorb said the Legislature is getting poor marks with the public.

“It’s a very divisive, hyperpartisan Legislature,” Brodkorb said. “You’ve seen some of the other DFL candidates reference that in their speeches as a way to draw contrast. That’s a reflection on Margaret Anderson Kelleher’s leadership as speaker. They haven’t provided any solutions to solve the budget deficit and they haven’t led.”

For her part, Kelliher told reporters that she doesn’t care if Seifert or Tom Emmer win GOP backing on Friday. She also said voters choose the individual not the Legislature.

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