Pawlenty’s PAC contributions by state

We reported yesterday that Gov. Pawlenty released his 2010 PAC report for the first quarter of the year. Today, we broke down the contributions by state.

As AP reported yesterday, Minnesotans have given a bulk of the funds.

One interesting aspect is that Pawlenty is lagging in donations from several key primary and caucus states. He received $2,000 from Iowa and no funds from New Hampshire or South Carolina. Here’s the snapshot:

Minnesota $237,695.00

Illinois $79,750.00

Florida $59,750.00

Texas $40,250.00

Arizona $29,750.00

Virginia $19,900.00

New York $16,500.00

Pennsylvania $10,500.00

California $10,000.00

New Jersey $7,500.00

South Dakota $7,000.00

Florida $5,561.00 (in-kind contribution)

Oklahoma $5,500.00

Washington DC $5,250.00

North Dakota $5,250.00

Wisconsin $5,250.00

Nebraska $4,500.00

Massachusetts $2,500.00

Maryland $2,250.00

Iowa $2,000.00

Wyoming $1,500.00

North Carolina $1,500.00

Nevada $1,080.00 (in-kind contribution)

Nevada $800.00

Washington DC $740.00 (in-kind contribution)

Georgia $500.00

Minnesota $500.00 (in-kind contribution)

Utah $500.00

Indiana $250.00

Michigan $250.00

Minnesota $250.00 (conduit contribution)

(Thanks to MPR’s Bill Wareham for crunching the data).

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