Pawlenty pokes DFL on eve of state convention

A week ago, Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez offered a preview of the state convention in Duluth, as well as his party’s prospects in November.

Melendez said he was optimistic about the 2010 election, especially after eight years of Tim Pawlenty as governor.

“We’re going to be able to run against Tim Pawlenty in the same way that we ran against George Bush in the last election,” Melendez said. “Even though they weren’t on the ballot, they leave a legacy that has hung around their party’s neck, and it is not going to serve the Republicans well.”

Pawlenty got his chance to respond today, telling reporters that he expects Republicans to do well this year in Minnesota and throughout the nation.

As for a legacy, Pawlenty suggested the DFL consider its own record.

“The Democrats haven’t elected a governor in this state since 1986 for a reason,” Pawlenty said. “The people of Minnesota don’t like their agenda of tax increases, reckless government spending, lack of accountability in government, bowing excessively to interest groups like the public employee unions and on down the list. Based on their 25 year plus history of not being able to get elected here, I think they should look in the mirror. It tells them something.”

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