Pawlenty is halfway there

Gov. Pawlenty is scheduled to speak to the Washington state Republican Party on Saturday night.

A look at Pawlenty’s travel (that we know about) shows that his trip to Washington state means Pawlenty will have visited 25 different states since he announced in June that he wasn’t running for reelection. Pawlenty, who hasn’t ruled out a run for the White House, also visited Washington D.C., Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Kuwait in that time.

You can find a map of Pawlenty’s travel here.

  • LW

    In the case of Pawlenty running for President, I am happy that sometimes the impression by both coasts is that MN doesn’t have paved roads or anything of interest here.

    Hopefully, he will have his 15 minutes of fame, and then fade away……….. I am Ex-Republican, because I am a moderate. There is no longer any place for moderates in the republican party. It is too scary for me. Pawlenty is too scary for me too.