New PAC targets Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann is scheduled to hold a rally and fundraiser next week with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Now some Minnesota residents say they’ve created a political action committee to target what they say is her “real” record. They call it the RAT PAC, which stands for “Residents for Accuracy and Truth.”

One of the organizers, David Day, told Minnesota Public Radio News the group is made up of people from different political ideologies, including some Republicans. He declined to name them though.

He said the 6th District residents are tired of watching their representative on Fox News rather than getting a chance to see her anywhere in the district.

Day said he hoped the new PAC would raise money from all over the nation. He said the PAC is interested in exposing Bachmann misstatements and that it would be watching other politicians as well.

The PAC has already created this video:

“It may make us as crazy as she is, but we’re proud to take on the task of trying to keep Bachmann honest,” Day said. “Despite what people outside our district think, most people here aren’t like Bachmann, but she gets away with doing what she does because only periodically do her outrageous statements get press coverage. The ‘anti-American’ stuff from 2008 made her famous, but to those of us who have been living with her for a while–we know that’s nothing new.”

Bachmann told MPR News last month that her outreach benefits her constituents, and that they appreciate her efforts.

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