Kelliher is running but with whom?

Margaret Anderson Kelliher won DFL Party backing on Saturday but did so without a running mate. Here’s what she said when asked about naming a running mate:

“I’m still thinking about it. I have a short list of people I’m thinking about. I’m getting feedback from delegates on the floor about that and I’m really thinking about that right now.”

Kelliher’s campaign manager said state Rep. Tom Anzelc and Dave Frederickson, former president of the Minnesota Farmers Union are two of the name on the list.

Kelliher also stressed that she thinks Minnesotans will “vote first for the gubernatorial candidate” but said it’s important to have “balance” on the ticket. I’m told that the DFL State Central Committee will meet in Bemidji on May 23rd to back whomever Kelliher names as her running mate.

One consideration in play may be turnout in the primary. Since low turnout is expected, Kelliher may look to DFL strongholds like the Iron Range for a running mate. That could boost support for her in the primary.