Kelliher endorsed after Rybak drops out

DFL delegates have endorsed House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher as their candidate for governor.

Rybak’s concession speech stressed the need for party unity.

“Fellow Democrats, it’s time for the greatest party in the state of Minnesota to come together and support Margaret Anderson Kelliher for governor,” Rybak said. “I am withdrawing from the race, and I’m also publicly calling on Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza and Susan Gaertner do the same.”

During her victory speech, Kelliher asked delegates if they were ready to make history. She also said her campaign will highlight the DFL’s progressive ideals.

“We must and can do better for Minnesotans,” Kelliher said. “And we are going to take our message all across the state, every corner of the state, every place. We are going to work together to build the greatest strongest grassroots organization this state has ever seen.”

Here’s Kelliher’s acceptance speech:

  • Lauren Maker

    I love it– Margaret is ahead all night and wins, and still the story for you boys is RT. Get over yourselves. 152 years without representation and women finally get a great shot with an extremely well qualified, highly electable woman– Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher, our next governor. Perhaps if she looked like Barbie, you’d treat her as a serious candidate. Let’s try for some objective reporting from here on out on this campaign.

  • Gail

    I hope this isn’t going to be about electing a woman. That is the least of my concerns, and frankly, seems disrespectful of Kelliher’s leadership. This piece gives more space to Kelliher than to Rybak, as well as a a direct link to her acceptance speech. Why should anyone feel the “boys” have given her short shrift? Please let’s not start whining about unfair treatment – that’s the last thing women need.

    Most important is who can actually win. I’m interested in hearing about Kelliher’s strength – or poor strategy – as House Speaker. How vulnerable to attack is she and will she dominate in the primary?

  • tom scheck

    We updated the blog throughout the night. You read an early version of the post that didn’t include Kelliher’s speech/comments.

  • Chris

    I remember two years ago, the media gave a lot of airtime to the so-called PUMAs while ignoring what, in my own experience, were the vast majority of Hillary Clinton supporters who backed Obama in the general.

    There will probably be a few dead-enders in the Rybak camp as well, but I hope that the heavy majority of them will show the same spirit of cooperation that most of the Clinton supporters did.