GOP presidential parade?

If you’re really looking ahead to the 2012 presidential election keep your eyes Minnesota this week.

Three oft-mentioned GOP possible presidential candidates will be here (counting Gov. Tim Pawlenty). On Wednesday, Sarah Palin will appear at a campaign rally in Minneapolis with Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. and Pawlenty. She will also hold a private fundraiser for Bachmann’s re-election campaign. Palin was the Republican nominee for vice-president in 2008. She resigned as governor of Alaska last summer.

On Friday, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will sign his autobiography in Bloomington. Romney and Pawlenty will also give speeches to the conservative Freedom Foundation Of Minnesota.

They’re choosing to appear here instead of in New Orleans at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference which runs Thursday through Sunday. Pawlenty was orginally scheduled to speak there on Saturday, but he cancelled to attend a welcome home celebration for Minnesota troops instead. The agenda now lists him addressing the conference by video. Palin is scheduled to speak at the conference.

Palin, Romney and Pawlenty are all widely considered to be potential Republican candidates for president in 2012. None of them has said whether they’re running.

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