Emmer’s golden ticket


Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor is using a theme from Willy Wonka to court GOP delegates at this weekend’s state party convention. The campaign is hand delivering chocolate bars that include a “golden ticket” that invites them to attend Emmer’s Thursday night delegate reception.

Emmer’s media director, Benjamin Kruse, said the campaign has been hand delivering the chocolate bars for about a month. He said representatives in each BPOU is going door to door to give them to delegate.

Kruse stressed it’s the campaign’s strategy to have as much person to person contact as possible. He said the Willy Wonka themed golden ticket is a good way to do it.


  • Chris

    If I remember correctly, the five children who found Willy Wonka’s golden tickets ended up entering, unbeknownst to them, a secret Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest competition for massive inherited wealth, in which the four losers get grotesquely mutilated

    I can see why this would appeal to Emmer’s vision of society.

  • RalfW

    Nothing says privileged insider like gold! Nice one, Tom.